Self Care: Be Your Own Hero

If you haven’t already figured it out, self care is about the best thing you can do to improve your overall wellbeing and state of mind. We tend to go far too long without realizing that we’ve been lacking in this department. Often it takes us getting burnt out and begging for mercy before participating in these important rituals. There is absolutely no need to wait until you’re hanging on to life by your pinky to decide it’s time for you to take care of you and enjoy what you need to recharge. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and we’re no good to anyone if we’re dead inside. So why don’t we all do ourselves and the world a favor and start taking better care of ourselves? We all have different needs and we can’t wait around for someone else to fulfill them, it’s our responsibility to take care of #1 – ourselves.

If you don’t already know what you need to totally unwind and recharge, get a piece of paper and try to figure it out. Draw a line down the middle of your paper, on one side write down the things that drain you, on the other side write down the things that make you feel ultra relaxed. Figure out what you need in different circumstances to decompress and make sure that you’re staying on top of your self care by maintaining a healthy balance between your everyday stressors and what you need to release that energy. This will dramatically increase your sense of stability and control while dealing with stressful situations and just make you a genuinely happier person.

Be your own hero and take care of yourself. No one knows you better than you do, and in the end, only you can give yourself what you really need. Only you have the power to truly make sure all of your needs are met. So get on figuring with yourself out and put what you discover into practice.

Here are some examples of self care activities I participate in when I need to decompress.

  • Get the house completely to myself for a few hours (or as long as I can get)
  • Watch Youtube videos to educate myself on something that’s bugging me or to get inspired to shake off my funk
  • Listen to my favorite podcasts for some laughs and interesting stories
  • Call a friend or family member to catch up or vent if I need to
  • Binge on Netflix
  • Stretch out my body, do some yoga, and use my foam roller to work out tension
  • Take a soothing bath (and maybe watch some Netflix while I do it)
  • Turn the A/C down and take a hardcore nap
  • Crank some tunes and dance by myself
  • Do something that’ll allow me to experience flow, something artistic, like listen to music, draw, write, or cook
  • Work on my blog

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