Who’s Lauren?

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Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a flight attendant aspiring health and life coach who has dedicated the last year of my life to getting it together. If you already read my first blog post then you know my story. I spent the greater part of my late 20’s not taking care of myself. After a handful of unfortunate events around the age of 29, I finally hit a wall and realized that unless I made major changes in my life I was destined to forever live a mediocre if not miserable life. It was at this point that I decided I had had enough of the crappy, half-assed life I had been living and got fed up enough to finally do something about it. Every day after that I declared that I would do whatever it took to get to the future self I envisioned. I was done living an unfulfilled life that allowed me to skate by unmoved and unchallenged. I decided to dedicate all of my energy to taking care of myself first so I could better take care of the people I love and ultimately live the life of my dreams.

My dream is to be a full-time health and life coach so I can use my skills and experience to help guide others through their own transformations. I’m currently in the process of becoming certified but until then I hope this blog will be a great outlet for me and for others in need of support. I hope you find some comfort here and maybe learn a thing or two.